'Bigorexia' Exclusive Clip: How Amazonka Transformed Into The Heaviest Pro Women's Bodybuilder

'Bigorexia' Exclusive Clip: How Amazonka Transformed Into The Heaviest Pro Women's Bodybuilder

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Watch the new exclusive clip from Bigorexia – available October 16 on all major digital platforms. In this clip, Nataliya Kuznetsova (better known as Amazonka), details how she discovered bodybuilding and went from a skinny teen into the heaviest female bodybuilder in the world.

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Alberto Hernandez says:

Implant don't make better

Tintin Deb says:

Lol she even lost her original voice

Andrei Lungu says:

Many people died because of what happened in Cernobîl in 1986, but Amazonka transformed all the radiations into pure mass. Thank God we have her among us and God bless her soul, as it is obvious that He had already blessed her body.

RS1 says:

Weird rhat because she is a female nobody in the comments compliment her size. Instead they talk about health 😑🙄.

But if this was the heaviest male bodybuilder everyone would be like.. Wow he is a beast!!! 😃

the _roadwarrior says:

Awesome quads. Man woman or circle those are ridiculous. Props on the amazing quads 👊

Fitness Comedy & Parody MEME Central says:

They should cast her in horror movies, people would be scared to shit……….

hans piechoki says:

No way is that female

Dawud says:

Such a shame !

New Yorker says:

I'd Smash

Soul Shock says:

This has to stop n not be encourage

Steve Greene says:

This is going to be great

Geo New says:

Does this guy kind a look like a chick to anyone else besides me?

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