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Yotube abone ol says:

Kanala abone ol

One World Doonya One Country Map , Make New Rules says:

Afghanistan needs to take bigger role in the world. We need 6 languages to 10 languages and 1 must be Afghanistan Pashto. We want more free world doonya universe and people that is kind healthy safe happy and in good mind and body.

We like new one world doonya and new people population that is safe happy freindly and free brave. We like new safer happy healthy universe with people. We want new vision for universe and planet world Doonya and people.
We may have population in the world
1 million small to 5 million to 10 million max large. You can check it. We like census. The world doonya and the people we have may be 10 million human.
We like good universe. We like good human. We like good world doonya. Is universe safe with people ? Can human have 1 million people or 5 million or 10 million human or 1 billion people in the universe to see to move to talk read write hear.
10,000,000 people. Planet in world doonya.
We may have 4 lands
1. Africa
2. Australia
3. Canada America Mexico Brazil
4. Russia Iran Europe China India
We can try 50 million land x 4 = 200 million land. And oceans water add 50 million miles.
If we have 10 million people : use 2.5 million x 4 = 10 million people.

The billion people could be in the universe with 100 to 200 planets.
How many people are billion people
1,000,000,000 may be billion. If we have universe large to fit billion people We need to learn more about the universe and the number of people we may have in future.
Make safe peaceful healthy kind people insan population and nice safe healthy world for people.

All current human insan in world universe can get involved and participate.
We like to see new world doonya 2020 to 2030 with the safety and healthy for all people. We are making the same planet better for the million years and start of our millinium. We need good vision and new kind healthy guidelines. We want better climate nicer weather 50 f to 60 f to 70 f.
We should have zero 2 eyes for anything except people. Only human insan has 2 eyes to see.
We want good universe. We want good people. People will get heakthy. Universe is healthy good place.
All 200 or more nations can be 1 world doonya or a 1 country 1 watan with 1 world doonya.
We like good people and good universe.
People will make this possible. This is possible. 2020

Abdull Tarzi

Naveed Sefaat says:

You have such a beautiful and sexy figure

Fırfır Dırdır says:


Ангелчо Николов says:

Ангелчо ….гимнастика….

Ангелчо Николов says:

Ангелчо ….лостове…..лостове….

Fırfır Dırdır says:


فرحان جدا says:


Chris Zablocki says:

Successful white men who have gym memberships, wear ties, and don't get into arbitrary pissing contests because they actually have something to lose. That is your demographic.

Ynech says:

Great video. Funny, athletic and very beautiful girls. .

On my channel you can see beautiful girls on the beaches of the Adriatic.

Manuel Nava says:

KKK. Hermosas. Nalgas,,,,😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Досжан Сыргалиев says:

Bravo ANNA!!! Super motivation!!! Pretty and Sexy👏👍❤😘

Catalin Ciomaga says:


F. Torres says:

queen 👑 in the world 🌍

Акмалжон Хожибоев says:

Это да клаасс суупеер 💪💪🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️💓💓💓👍👍👏👏

yogeesh gudigar says:

I love you and I like your beautiful physic

prabu krishnan says:

Natural beauty, good physique.. Sexy especially ur butt 💖

Iosif coba says:

Анна Богиня

Salvador Rios says:

hola preciosa Anna eres una mujer perfecta diosa que cuerpo tan delicioso y frondoso mamá sota linda besos baby.

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