Amazing female bodybuilder, IFBB MUSCLE paloma Parra, GYM WORKOUT

Amazing female bodybuilder, IFBB MUSCLE  paloma Parra, GYM WORKOUT

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azad hassan says:

Woman face with Man body

azad hassan says:

Mentality problem

Rosl Salas says:

Menton cuadrado..sintoma producido por consumo de productos anabolicos..comienzo de calvicie ..crecimiento del clitoris anormal ..etc..etc..etc..

Krzysztof A. Świątkowski says:

Nicely shredded

strongdan1 says:

Nice boobeze

Kenneth Taylor says:

I wish to be as strong as you

Tom DiGregorio says:

Miss Parra I wish I had a strong and Muscular woman woman like you who was my friend, trainer, girlfriend and wife will you get me as strong as you please Tom DiGregorio your biggest #1 Fan

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