Alicia Marie – Satin Doll



downhill2400 says:

I'm going to have to grab a lesson on tis one! Sweet sound.

bluesbaby8 says:

Oh, well, I am quite flattered! Thanks!

Fun Ky says:

I think we got our satin doll just right here!

bluesbaby8 says:

Thank you very much for the great words! I am so happy you like what I doing. Yes, you are correct. I like styles that mix and overlap through blues and jazz. I think Duke is pretty good. I have a few of his albums.

jgnov99 says:

I love what you do ma'am. I truly do. I've been playing a long time and my favorite stuff is the music that straddles blues and swing standards. Sounds like you like the same styles. if you haven't already check out Duke Robillard and trace His influences. You'll hear some wonderful playing.

bluesbaby8 says:

Oh, and yes, I love Guilds. Very underated instruments, in my opinion.

bluesbaby8 says:

Well, thank you! I sure do appreciate it!

NickRatnieks says:

Great tone. I think you have a number of Guild guitars that you have on your videos. Really great. Johnny Mercer put lyrics to this and I reckon you would do a great job with those as well!

bluesbaby8 says:

@BlutoUSN Oh gosh, thank you! There's a big smile on my face right now. I really appreciate your comments.

S.T. H. says:

Ladies and Gentleman, lets have a round of Applause for Alicia!…We're watching Greatness unfold before our eyes. How did we get so Lucky!?…

bluesbaby8 says:

@alexdroogie100 Hello, Thank you for the really encouraging and flattering words. I can't even begin to tell you how much they mean to me. "Beast with six strings"…. wooooah! Thank you! Sorry for the late reply!

alwaysopen says:

Hey, I wasn't the one playing that guitar and I can't do what you do anymore. Learn to hear praise for your playing often in the future.

bluesbaby8 says:

@imaMonster1397 Sweet! Thank you for the nice words.

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