Alicia Marie – On a Clear Day



Davidmcfarlaneblues. says:

What a beautiful guitar and performance Alicia….and what a jazz guitarist!!…lol love the Guinness poster.

mraggrovator says:

Really nice.

SquierStrat72 says:

A Guild!! Nice 🙂 I was raised on Guilds. The acoustic kind. My great aunt and uncle played bluegrass. He was banjo and tenor guitar, she played 6 and 12 string Guilds. And, as always, outstanding playing.

Jack K says:

So smooth and enjoyable!

Paul McCaffrey says:

My treat for the day. Thank you Alicia.

Martin Promintzer says:


carl Nieto Weise says:

So SMOOTH Bug AL! I shared this with a couple friends and had to tell them that,No, that Guild ain't that big, you're just that iddy biddy! As always, OUTSTANDING! Cheers.

Ken Hawkins says:

Nicely done!

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