Alicia Marie – Mellowed Out



Xiao Tang says:

I am in love.

phil zwo says:

hummm I had not listened to this video how sweet in this touch of strings

yougogo2 says:

Still waiting on on some srv lol

Clutch Panda says:

Is that the srv edition strat

Clutch Panda says:

please tell me the exact kind of Fender that is and what speaker are you using the sound is awesome

David O says:

you got it bad! hahaha. Thank you , I now have a "blues changes highway" to mess around in. I will steal nearly all of this and make my own. Your the best

Rc-ikarus says:

Beautiful, dear Alicia. Too much beautiful.
You make my heart cry and sing of sweet emotion while you're playing.
Thank you so much! ♡♡♡

sfdog1369 says:

Alicia Hows Thimgs I Missed This For My Collection Of Fine Tunes By BB8 How Did That Happen Bluz On Girl

martin williams says:

your certainly a great guitar player get out there on them stages in your country your such a tallented young lady you have a bright future if you want it you gotta go get it.

abrigospardos says:

Hey, this is top of the line improvisation…
 if you ever get to tour Europe and play a gig in Spain, I won't miss your show!

Davy de Stoppelaar says:

I would like to buy the studio version of Mellowed Out. It's just great!

Brandon Reeve says:

wow, if you are really improvising…..damn……thats talent. Keep those fingers movin' you gonna get picked by some other blues lovin' talent.

HUTCHfromBA says:

Slow , smooth & sweet . Very cool Blues.

davyR6 says:

One of my favorites on your channel..

Gary Chaffey says:

Mesmerizing, how did you learn?

Robert Henry says:

what is your favorite guitar? Iv seen you play several dif. and all real well.

thenibbler06 says:

Absolutely Brilliant.
Just let us know when you put out an album, could listen to you all day long. :0)

bluesbaby8 says:

Hello Jeff! I am quite honored. Thanks!


Ok, I dont leave very many comments, but I am definitely impressed.
You should join up with Kelly Rosenthal / Say Chance and take over the world.

Kathleen Zaworski-Burke says:

Alicia, you just made my Saturday…yes, indeed, SRV has got to be smiling!

bluesbaby8 says:

I am quite grateful. Thank you for your splendid comment!

bluesbaby8 says:

Oh, pardon me! Yes, I made this up on the spot. Thank you for the great words!

yougogo2 says:

I ment did you just make this up cuz if u did your my shero…

bluesbaby8 says:

I don't have a twin, so yeah, it's definitely me. Thanks!

yougogo2 says:

Is this you or somebody else? Because its killer as hell… Just saying .

bluesbaby8 says:

Ah, well, thank you so very much, sir! It is wonderful to hear and to receive such compliments.

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