Alicia Marie – Little Milton Tribute

Alicia Marie – Little Milton Tribute

A tribute to the great blues guitarist and vocalist Little Milton to celebrate his birthday today (September 7). I absolutely love the way he played and sang, and his tunes are some of the best in my opinion. Here is my version of his tune, “Count The Days.” Happy birthday, Little Milton! πŸŽ‰#littlemilton #oldschoolblues #guildstarfire



HUTCHfromBA says:

❀ I guess your not getting any gigs while Covid-19 here. I wish you the best life has to offer. Love, laughter, song & dance. Blues On….πŸ’™ . Beautiful voice & playing.

sfdog1369 says:

Whooo Hooo My Multi Taskin Blues Baby Great Job

Norby's filthy guitar says:

Once upon a time in Chicago..amazing espression and knowledge..classy..thanks Alicia πŸ”₯🎢🎢🎢

Guitar Player says:

Very cool, loved it

dee Lisanti says:

yes gur..lie

Sam Iam says:

Hope to see ya perform "Live" again. You got blues running thru your veins for sure. =D

Rick Danner says:

nice blues !! i have a new video with a gibson looks just like that guitar would be cool if you checked it out im out

Jimmy Wingo says:

Enjoyed it Alicia. Made me think of Eddie Cusic that taught him to play guitar.

bluesatsunrise says:

We see you…… go on girl……!

Xiao Tang says:

I enjoyed your performance.

BaktaBak - Country, Rock & Oldies band says:

Awesome ! Thanks Alicia !

Don Crowder says:

You so badass! Good job.

sbigglesby says:

Love this. The sparse arrangement and the lazy laid back groove. Perfection!

Michael Shadley says:

Luv your voice!!!!

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