Alicia Marie – Fever (Jazz Guitar)



Christos Kopelakis says:

you are herb ellis and also kenny barrell excellent bravissimo-goodafternoon.***

downhill2400 says:

Groovy sound reminiscent of George Benson! In fact, I think had been playing he would have called this ready to post!

Lady Justice says:

A different guitar this time. What was the one you were using in the last clip? I loved the sound! Who accompanies you on piano in the background Alicia? How many guitars do you have total and what is your favorite?

Jean fORGET says:

send it my way if you do please. 😉

bluesbaby8 says:

Much appreciation, Alan. Thank you! No, I've never thought about recording it. Thanks for the suggestion!

bluesbaby8 says:

I've been thinking about doing that one for some time. Thanks, jean!

Jean fORGET says:

HEy I just watched this and you should try the theme for the Pink Panther BB8 !! YA !!!

bluesbaby8 says:

Thank you so much, Alan! I'm so glad you enjoy my music. Yes, I will be entering college in the fall. I hope it will be an enlightening and fun experience for me.

bluesbaby8 says:

@bluejazzcat Hello CB, Thanks for the nice comment. I just used the blues scale, harmonic minor, and melodic minor. I hope that helps.

bluejazzcat says:

Very nice, any chance to post a video class on this video? Showing chords, scalles and how to apply them to this tune? Thanks. Cheers from Brazil. You are awesome. I am 60 years old amateur jazz/bossa drummer trying to learn some jazz guitar…not easy at this point of my life. Take care. CB

bluesbaby8 says:

@tonedr Thanks so much!

tonedr says:

beautiful playing!!!

bluesbaby8 says:

@MarcoGuidastri Thank you for the really wonderful note. I really appreciate the fact that you like my phrasing and that you use my music as an inspiration for your own. That is just unfathomable to me. Again, thank you for making my day. So nice of you to say what you said. Regarding your English, you write really well!!

MarcoGuidastri says:

I love your musical taste, i'm a guitarist too and i'm studing your phrases note by note, to me you're a great source of inspiration, please, never stop playing, guitar is your destiny. I'm definitely the greatest of your fans! A hug. (Sorry for my shaky english, i'm italian)

bluesbaby8 says:

@detoth67 Thank you for the really wonderful comment. It means a lot to me. Guild's are great, and they are built like tanks. Solid workmanship and tone. To sum it all up, they are really killer!

bluesbaby8 says:

@robibm2003 Thank you so much for the compliments and info. Yes, I enjoy Emily's playing very much!

robibm2003 says:

Little Willie John wrote this tune (though Peggy Lee had the most well known version of it) and I think his is still the best version. Check it out if you haven't already.

Also, check out some of the late Emily Remler's stuff. She was a jazz player but you might find some inspiration her playing.

Nice job on this tune. Keep at it.

bluesbaby8 says:

@onmyowncloud Thank you for the nice advice and compliments. It means a lot to me. Thank you so much again for all the encouragement.

bluesbaby8 says:

@rapitroy Thank you! Also, thanks for letting me post my vids as video response. And, thank you for subscribing. I really do appreciate it. Sorry for the late reply.

bluesbaby8 says:

@MrBicanek1 Thank you!

Paul Laman says:

Sweetie …..You got the strings for blues ….. And I HOPE YOU READ THIS!!!! Listen to some Joss Stone from her first album …. for like a week straight …nothing else. I don't think you should sing like her……… I wanna see you get that SOUL out her body …cuz she don't play the guitar!! 😉

You got somethin special …inside ….you gotta get the soul from deep to cut it loose though….

Good Luck

bluesbaby8 says:

@MITCHWILD Sorry for the late reply, Mitch! Thank you for the very kind comment. I am happy that you like it.!!

Good luck with your playing and singing!

bluesbaby8 says:

@Bluzer86 Thank you, Bluzer! Happy NEw YEar!

bluesbaby8 says:

@gearhead7961 Thanks you so much for the really kind comment. I am baffled by all the nice things you had to say. You really made me smile. I appreciate your generosity very much. Thanks you again and Happy NEw Year!

gearhead7961 says:

wow.. I'm totally in awe. Very natural feel to your singing and playing. Would love to see you head up a 3 piece. I could listen to you play all day. Defanitely would pay to see you live. You got a gift, and thanks for sharing with us.

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