Alicia Marie – Another Night to Cry

Alicia Marie – Another Night to Cry

Alicia Marie performs her version of Lonnie Johnson's, “Another Night to Cry.” She is playing a 1930 Dobro No. 55 in open D minor here.



rodney kitchen says:

Wonderful! thanks Alicia ! Rod in London

Jason Reinecke says:

awesome guitar playing !

Rude Mood says:

I had this open in another tab as soon as you started singing I had to switch back to this while muttering h__ s__ under my breath lol, amazing cover

Evergreen Best Music says:

oh you are singing too .. and you do it very well …btw very interesting guitar 🙂

lsilvaj says:


Jesse James GGBR says:

Yes indeed! That's some sweet guitar playing, and you've got some serious soul in that voice. 

jfkcsi63 says:

Alicia, absolutely Superb…very smooth, I hear some robert johnson and definately
a good bit of the queen herself lady Janice. Elvis would love you.
I'm a fan!

jukedaddy11 says:

Love the sound of your dobro. Fits perfectly with the blues. Nice vocals too to back up your playing. I find that the hardest part, to sing with conviction and 'in tune' lol. Good job Alicia..

David O says:

aw man …  I hear sum Robert Johnson in there. When are they gonna sign you up?

MarcoGuidastri says:

Great groove, as always !

Davidmcfarlaneblues. says:

How did I miss this one?….great blues Alicia and love that resonator!! : ))

HUTCHfromBA says:

Great sound Alicia !

blues999z says:

Totally Great Alicia — Looking Singing & Sounding Super Fantastic – WOW !!!

Bluzer86 says:

Wonderful, you have mastered the acoustic sound 🙂

Melissa Guerrero says:

You should try getting some of that hair out of your face, we can't see how pretty you are c= That was great playing girl! Keep on ^.^

scottpatricknow says:

Excellent stuff. Old school is awesome. Thanks for the performance!

AlanSturgess says:

Have just worn a patch in my carpet, thumping my foot up and down in time with this. It REALLY is time you got yourself in a studio but this recording is still better in the way it gets your voice as well as that great playing. Looking forwards to many more uploads in 2014. Have a great year at college and in your life.

(PS: – Yes, I've been forced back into Google+ just so that I can post and receive comments.)

senilitysux66 says:

Just stumbled on this and omg, li'l lady, you are craazzyy good. In fact I would easily compare you most favorably to Bonnie R. at your age, Further I would say that if you stay with it and maybe pick up some slide along the way you could be her successor in the world of music. After finding this I went to your channel and ran through a number of your older vids throwing thumbs up all along the way. I'm an immediate fan and new subscriber looking forward to more tremendous stuff from you.

popstotexas says:

Cool stuff! Happy New Year!

Paul McCaffrey says:

Great stuff

bluesloverz says:

Great new sound Alicia.

Simon Skuce says:

Really enjoyed this performance.

raedwulfone says:

That Dobro is finally in good hands …..

Germán Stratocaster says:


AugustRex says:

Ich mag dich und deine Musik auch im neuen Jahr! Alle guten Wünsche dafür von mir!

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