Adrianne Curry & Alicia Marie (Uncut: Comic-Con 5)

Adrianne Curry & Alicia Marie (Uncut: Comic-Con 5)

Arguably the right man, Kassem G, interviews individuals at Comic-Con.

Watch the unique:

Extra interviews:

Cammy from Road Fighter (Unedited Model):

Jessica Rabbit and Vamparella:

Tanya Tate Marvel Lady (Unedited Model):

Vegas PG (Unedited Model):

I am right here too:
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Ravi C says:

Poor bobby brady

P S says:

she looks like actual jade from back. not from front. actual jade has better boobs.

Lloyd Pratt says:

I love that Adrianne Curry. Though I thought she looked just fine before the boob job.

domino exstre says:

fucke thay look like a transvestites!!!!!!!!!!!!! bllbbbaabccccckkkk

Scott Thompson says:

She is an exhibitionist

Donny Southwell says:

The black one is definitely a tranny

Amp says:

I don't think the kids get Kaseem's humour

xTheRedShirtX says:

Adrianne Curry is a no body in my opinion. I honestly had no clue who she was. 

Englewood Frank21 says:

Just stfu and show us your tits

1984maan says:

That meelena girl is a pile of shit

OurCrazyLife2005 says:

Freakin love adrianne curry

Maribel000Abe says:

curry is a bitch
she is totally fine with showing her tits but somehow is conservative about her ass?

intactGB says:

black one = tranny….gtfo

Jared Kitzrow says:

id love to put on a ski mask and beat the living shit out of both these retarded whores. no wonder she cant get anyone but that fat fuck nerdy boyfriend cus shes so godamn stupid

Mark Pattison says:

Damn bro, that sucks getting told whats good by some chicks….I know the feels on that…some bitches are just too snobish for some people. ….their both dressed hot to trot, but they don't want to do a spin for the cam…..every motherfucker there got a hard on over them walking around, but their too stuck up for something as little as that…..Jessica Negri has alot more class and is down to earth, she nows whats up at the cons :3

turmoil23 says:

1 u dont know Adrianne curry 2 you dont know Milla Jovovich is in 5th Element, why are you going to comic con????

Kevin Field says:

canadians wear wolves? i didn't get that memo.

Jared Kitzrow says:

they both look like trannies. fuck off u ugly whores. the white girl has a flabby out of shape body too, fake tits are the only nice part and even those look weird

Neezy says:

That was a terrible interview. Good thing they were hot.

Hexed4Life says:

That would be Adrianne Curry and yes she is a stuck up twat.

Jay D says:

01:08 check her Boyfriend lol, hes what i call " idiot thinks himself cool and smart"

Who Dis? says:

1:19 the guy pause

ReddSouljah says:

Adrianne Curry is a bitch! But I'd still hit it!

what are you gonna do about it says:

lol who the fuck is Jace Hall…

Joshua Lopez says:

Ugliest Mortal Kombat girls ever look like dudes

Willam L says:

it's so gross that the one in the pink looks like a women but she looks anorexic with her skin stretched around water balloons on her chest lol

Alexander Smyth says:

0:38 that lady on the left lol

FuPlaayz says:

They look a little like men :O

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