ab circle pro 12 minutes to awesome abs 2009 dvdrip xvid fico



Jacko 226 says:

She doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Push ups do not target the biceps…

Ericmailhot says:

She so beautiful
No need for tats

onwuka onyinye says:

Can i have a slim tummy with this machine …

Tate Roliana says:

I want order please

Ruud van Nistelrooy says:

Im so fucking serious, and please be serious too. Does it work or it is just the screw? Thank

fizzy965 says:

Perfect for people who LOVE knee pain.

Karen D says:

Where can we find one of these in Canada

Sarah Chand says:

i had a very bad back pain after using this, rubbish

01YAMAN says:

I wish we could do together :)))

Jessica Campbell says:

I play this video and do this workout every day. I go through this entire workout and then I do an additional 3 minutes with the move that she does at 2:54. After that workout, I go for a 7km run (by myself) around my neighbourhood. I have been self-isolating since the COVID-19 outbreak and this is my routine for trying to stay in shape.

mohammad moslem moslem says:

Hi I love how you are doing it

Nia Long says:

I would probably flip this thing over and hurt myself. No thx

bryan aquiningoc says:

just got one its amazing#latesquad

Adam Fehse says:

ASMR gold, ty.

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