12 Week Weight loss Transformation (Before and After)!!!!!

12 Week Weight loss Transformation (Before and After)!!!!!

Watch how I transformed my life in less than a year. I lost 15 lbs in 12 weeks following the LiveFit program by Jamie Eason on bodybuilding.com. After finishing her program I lost 15 more pounds. I am now still training and was inspired to become a certified personal trainer through NASM. Continue to follow my Journey!!

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Ccherokee says:

Hey miss your videos hope all is well !!!

carebear B says:

I am glad that i watched this 🙂 funny thing is you posted this the day i had my second son lol It's a sign…. I was meant to watch this and make a change!

Weldeab Sequar says:

Well done girl!!

Imtubin says:

looked good before too, if ya ask me!!!!!

Optimistically Mia says:


DanceVEVO says:

my name is samantha too

Samantha Ratcliffe says:

WOW – good for you!!
Im SO proud and dont even know you, Go Girl Team..
I needed to see this video today to keep me going 🙂

Emmanuel Ocean says:

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Delcine Ena says:

I've lost a great deal of weight, especially on my arms and legs. I might say that weight loss green store tea is an amazing , but you must try it out to believe it.

Matilda says:

I really enjoy your videos! Love how motivated I get by watching them! Keep up the good work! I have a weight loss channel, check it out if you want to exchange tips and tricks 🙂 xoxo

Lotus 444 says:

what a beautiful girl!! i can tell shes beautiful inside and out has a very pretty smile

mblue1232 says:

"I am normal just like you" 😂 calm down!

Anna Duong says:

Girl you motivated me to keep working out. I've gained 20 pounds after my first year of college and haven't made the time to work out. But this summer I decided to go after my goal and whenever I felt lazy I would just look up your video. Seeing such determination kept me motivated to keep going. I just lost 3 inches off my waist because I never gave up. Thank you (:

peggy vangordon says:

did u eat any carbs?how many meal u eat a day?u look great..

vintagebows says:

yay DG! ITB! 🙂 If you don't mind me asking how did you begin lifting? I've always wanted to start, but I fear lifting in front of people and also looking weak for lifting light. I know we start somewhere, but it's still scary.

Era* says:

hi, did you do jamie eason's program.

kbview1 says:

Great video!  Thanks for the inspiration!

Jane Doe says:

Looking good girl! Thanks for sharing

John Stark says:

I'm selling some shiny lycra unitards in size medium for $20 each in my etsy store lycragoods. They would look hot on you.

Kao Saechao says:

nice!! You have a man? lol jk love the video!

Little Heath says:

like many women one sees in a gym she has gone to far and looks unhealthily thin…Her gluteus muscles have disappeared , she now looks androgynous.

Little Heath says:

simple way to lose weight is shut your mouth and dont eat.

Crystal Swirlz says:

she was never fat!

Kim McCoy says:

You look great

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