10 Fake Instagram Fitness Model Tricks Exposed

10 Fake Instagram Fitness Model Tricks Exposed

10 tricks all Instagram models use to trick their followers.
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Thanks to social media, it’s easier than ever to find fitness inspiration on Instagram. In fact, there is a whole industry based on Instagram fitness models. But you may be surprised to know that these models have a few tricks up their collective sleeves. From different ways to fake an inner thigh gap, to having unbreakable confidence, these are 10 fake Instagram fitness model tricks exposed!

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Andy Oliver says:

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Man Dy says:

Met aaaal je zevers. Fake wuven zet eki ECHTE MENSEN EROP GIN NAAAAMAAAAAAK

Internet Drifter says:

Under saturated lighting i look ripped af

Under regular every day lighting i look like a guy who's never lifted a weight in his life

JupiterJulia says:

as an instagram influencer i can tell u almost all of this is bullshit. some people really just look good. influencers aren't part of some big scheme to fool you into thinking they are fit or attractive or anything.

KUARZOROSSO Children Educational Illustrated Books says:

Funny how all this channels enfasazed about “THE” article as almost they trying to give you a grammar lesson by appealing also at your “ bitchy” attitude putting to much énfazis in “THE” word “THE” …. like it has a extra punch but the legend says that it is lost when overused…. and the real “THE” will knock at your imagine window and crash at the private quarters to tell you what the golden slumbers try to hide…. “ your truth “ …. so be aware of …”THE…”

byJacobC1324 says:

this is such a sh*t video XD i never usually leave bad comments but like c'mon…

brunom72 says:

screw all that, just be kind to urself, love those who are close to you, dont 4get to pray & everything else will be ok.

Jakob Bourne says:

you might wanna avoid fake influencers as recently their influx since the start of 2019 has been of great effect especially to new comers ~ and that's even with auditing tools such as influencer auditor out

1 Love says:

Looking 5 lbs lighter would not matter at all!

blue sky says:

Who gives a shit we all know that no one is perfect and one day we all gonna die just live the life

Sara says:

I loved this 😍

Jake State Farm says:

Instagram models are not models and are THOTs, FACT

RAE DR says:

Now I can't stop thinking about when your phone's camera turns on by mistake and you catch yourself on the selfie screen. 😂😂😂

InfamousCrimes says:

It's not possible to be beautiful while eating the flesh of a defenseless animal.


Those Instagram models are psychopaths, that teach others to not eat enough, become undernourished, & move too much. They make people suffer.

JamieeGirl says:

A lot of thee side by side before and afters look exact same. MOST of the ones I see on IG the girl is OBVIOUSLY at least 20lbs heavier…sticking a leg out aint gonna make you loose 20lbs boo.

ALdaaa404 says:

I love your voice

RumChickenBiscuits says:

I feel better about my esteem now. Thanx 😊

Ms DarkstaR says:

This is such a stupid video!

Kellie Chasity says:

I love this ❤️

captain taylor vs darcy klein says:

all of this for the approval of strangers who will inevitably forget about you

P G says:

Was here to see Frank Reynolds shaking head “no, no”

Illyana Amara says:

Forget about the girls looking up to these instamodels..we're gonna compare ourselves to every attractive woman regardless..what about the standards were giving guys? The dating pool is gonna start getting pretty limited if we keep trying to show ourselves as perfect.

Ashish Kaushik says:

Wonderful video… very informative !!

Stavros K says:

How important is this inner thigh gap she keeps talking about ??

Jay Petrova says:

What is this video necessary? All of this is so obvious that I figured we all just knew this.

Raphael Piquet says:

hater lol if u r 300lbs no posture or make up gonna help u

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