10 Amazing Black Fitness Models

10 Amazing Black Fitness Models

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Thank you…Terry Swoopes for showcasing our extrodinary queens that are physically fit, beautiful, creative, stylish, etc.
This is a true reflection on courage, strength, and motivation to be nothing more then the best while having fun to succeed in obtaining that goal in being physically fit and nuitritionally healthy "thank you"!!!! 💞💃💞

Adam C says:

Yo Ms IncrediThick dun stole my heart. GOOD GOD WAT A BOOTY……… Ill be havin wet dreams for a while after that

mostmost1 says:

Swap no 10 and #1

trple5 says:

Fake Asses and photoshop!👎🏾

cjiii1976 says:

Number 1 is real, I know her personally.

Mel Jack says:

Fitness for these black females seems to be having a big bubble butt. With the amount of flesh they have on their rears, they can't even do cardio for more than 20 mins. Some of them didn't even have muscle definition. No wonder many black women end up as large 'cellulite bags'. Who TF uploaded this as 'Fitness queens'. There r many good black athletes who should've featured here.

Bobby Cook says:

The real Warriors

Cynthia Chanel says:

Love you Terry. God bless you.💗💗💗💗💗

Jason Vorhees says:

No Iris Kyle, Linda Murray, Shanique grant?

J Gonzalez says:

Amazing list of 10 beautiful women but idk how #6 didn’t get placed higher on the list. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on that one Lol.

Jacks Machine says:

So bad ads but I literally immediately turned it off because men will never have women like this and it's so depressing.

Dayvibez says:

New YouTube alert 🚨


Check out my fitness haul!!

ddabney67 says:

Not enough of them…

Gary Young says:

U should of had their doctors ranked

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