Intense Abs Workout Routine – 10 Mins Flat Stomach Exercise

Intense Abs Workout Routine – 10 Mins Flat Stomach Exercise

Intense Abs Workout Routine – 10 Mins Flat Stomach Exercise | Abs Routine | Abs Exercise | Flat Stomach Exercise | Flat Stomach Workout | Tone Abs | Summer time Physique | Seashore Physique Workout

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I hope you guys like any such video! I've by no means accomplished a do it with me exercise video as a result of it may be fairly lengthy. Let me know should you want this format! 🙂

Love you all!

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Chloe Ting says:

Edit: New Intense Abs Workout! This version is slightly harder. You can do two of these workouts back to back, or with a hiit/upper body workout. Enjoy the workout. New Abs workout:!

Intense Abs Workout! Yar! I've been doing this abs workout twice a week. My abs has definitely become more defined. To get abs, diet plays a very important role so try to eat as clean and healthy as possible. Also doing HIIT cardio will really help. I have recently put up a video about that too. Also, let me know if you like this video format better! 😀
Guys I thought I'll give another quick tip! If you want to get nice result you will have to engage your core while doing the exercises. You will have to keep your ab muscles contracted while doing the exercises. If your muscle is relaxed then you're basically not working your core muscle, you're using the rest of your body to do the movement. In that case, you won't get to see the result. Also I have put up another cardio abs routine that helps burns fats and define your abs. Try to do both of these to get nice abs! My abs have gotten more defined recently doing these two together. 🙂

heyyitsdesirae says:

How long does this take to show some results? (Anyone pls answer)

keara aled asor says:

i did this yesterday and today. i still dont feel any soreness??? or was i supposed to not feel anything? idk. i just wanna feel sore so that i know that im doing it right and its working

Marissa Gonzales says:

How many likes I get is how many days I will do this shit (keep it reasonable) lol😂

Flipper Of The Pancakes says:

I’m having a hard time deciding how many weeks/months to do this so I’m gonna try this! Every like I get I add a day to how long I do this. Feel free to comment! Thanks!

Nur Sucu says:

Ok I tried this and its definitely so much harder than it looks. I’m gonna try doing this every day and see what happens. I’ll update back in a month!

Caitlin D says:

Does this actually work???

Fiona O'Sullivan says:

Ok so I'm 12 but I really want to be fit and healthy. I workout twice a week in the gym in the tennis club. I'm going to do a campaign for a week. If I see a difference I will do it every week. I will update u on how I'm doing x

Daria Saccstry says:

How many repetitions should we do?

aunesty jones says:

Every time i do this workout I realize how weak my arms are lol

Mason Bysy says:

I'm going to try this, I'll keep updating everyday-

1st day- Obviously no result yet. (A bit sore.)

kiroshini madavan says:

My mind: Do this lah girl..then only you will look super awesome like her
My body : shut up i know what to do…mind your own business, mind
My mind : ok fatass😁

M. B. says:

I did this for more than 3 months ,and this totally worked ! I tried to eat healthy ,but i also make mistakes ,but this totally works.I did 2 sets almost every day!

Harischandra Prasad says:

very nice video and please see the below link

Edgysims_ says:

I just lost 2kgs after 1 workout

rampagejenny says:

Girl idk how you do this. I did the first two and I was wiped out. My thighs hurt my abs hurt, idk what life was like before. I'm exhausted

Maddy2Maddie says:

a thread of my progress 🙂 i really want quick results so here we go
day 1 / this was hard. needed to take a few breaks and switch exercises but i kept going.

Nafisa says:

Ummm.. I couldn’t even finish he first one!

Pastal Cia says:

is it safe to do these on the floor? like without any mat

JB Ethereal says:

I did this for like a week and i didnt even do all of those exercises just some of those and i still lose weight omfg i recommend you guys to this

羊さん says:


Talukey 04 says:

So since I weigh 130, I'm deciding to get rid of this ugly fat. All the girls in my class are skinny, so I decided I was going to be skinny too! So lets wait till tomorrow and see how it is. I'm doing my workout right now, and lets see some results tomorrow!!

Leah J says:

I freaked out when I hit 100 pounds and started working out

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