Fat Burning Cardio Workout – 37 Minute Fitness Blender Cardio Workout at Home

Fat Burning Cardio Workout – 37 Minute Fitness Blender Cardio Workout at Home

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bitConnect Channel says:

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Batchimeg Ganchimeg says:

How many days should do this exercise? When i should do other exercise?

fenk private school says:

Im a ready egg to eat so hot im dead

Nisha Dsouza says:

Is there anyone as lazy as me jus reading comments gets tiered to do cardio…..

Darshan Vaghela says:

Did upto the 19:00 mark for day one. Not bad right?

Syifa Zahra says:

this is so addicting!

hajarr1000 says:

the bedst it is hard but very good

Mariah's shades says:

I just did the first 8 minutes…Now I'm going back to mah McDonald's

Angelina 18018 says:


Goal- 105-110 lbs
Weight- 126.6 lbs
Height- 5’5ish?

Day one- First time doing this and I stopped at 25:28 which is much more than I thought I’d do, I’m proud of myself! But tomorrow I’m going for 30-35 minutes. I am not sweating as much as I thought I would but I definitely feel sore!!

Cocoman says:

Napusi se kurca kurvo jedna…btw prodajem juga

زهرة النرجس says:

بلا رياضه بلا هممممم…. الدكتوره رحاب وهبه بعيادات الرحاب إللي بشارع الأميرسلطان قدام عيني تنحت الجسم من اول جلسه تشوفي فرررق… يعني تخيلووو نحتتت جسم كامل ب 2500 بسسسس ياااا ربااااه

lalita lawati says:

Current weight:56kg(9-02-2018)

Kampo Dai says:

Does it really work? I have such a big bulging tummy and a double chin! Please help!

MaddieMKTU says:

First try got to 10 minutes. Tomorrow I'll attempt 15 or 20 😁

Ipsita Sengupta says:

I seriously love u guys. I am doing your workouts(mostly hiit cardio) since last 5 months with healthy eating. The result is suparb. I lost 13 kg till now with lots of inches from whole body. I love this workout also. plz suggest a good workout video for arm fat. I wanted to start ur strength training workouts but I have no equipment. 😖 what to do?

Epic Fitness Mental Warrior says:

great staff 🙂

galaxys-child says:

What a great work-out! I am fit (Usually I jog 5 km, then I do 50min Zumba Step or 50min Jumping Fitness afterwards – thrice a week in the gym) but even I have to admit that this workout challenged me. My muscles are burning. I had to drink half a liter. It was fun! Nice that the lost calories were shown.

Faye Tan says:

February 7

130 Pounds 🙅

No sweets or junk food

I did 1 whole workout, this one, then the next day…

February 8

No sweets and junk food

Checks Weight

127 Pounds🙌

Note: This workout is so effective.

coco bella says:

First time today, got up to 18:46 which is better than I expected. Will aim to get around 25+ mins tomorrow 💪🏼

Rebecca Vanderhorst says:

I did this workout religiously while pregnant with both of my kids (Irish twins… 11 months apart) AND I continue to do it postpartum. THE BEST workout at home with a busy schedule. I have experienced huge changes. Thank you, Fitness Blender!!!

12-bit says:

I tried this and within 4 minutes I fell to the ground in the fetal position

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