4 Week Challenge Workout – Total Body Workout to get you in Shape and Feeling Great

4 Week Challenge Workout – Total Body Workout to get you in Shape and Feeling Great

First complete physique exercise of my 4 week problem! No gear exercise. Full exercise with choices for newcomers to superior.

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peace lover says:

do i have to do those moves every day? or it's good different moves in every day? causei see the workout programs scheduling the moves.

Dazzling Shaza says:

Can u please tell how many calories are burnt for this workout in the description box..for weights between 100-200 pounds ppl

Ankita Dey says:

Hey I have a question… I want to gain weight as I'm so skinny…so please tell me that should I do this exercise ??

Katy Alison says:

after this I'm really tired and dead 😩

Fit. says:

what a babe

Fit. says:

she looks good

Tyler Canary says:

Im trying ur challenge series

Lucy secrets says:

Thank u very helpful

shain Damania says:

I want butt lose so can i try diz ?

Roxanne Todd says:

@bodyfitbyamy can I do these challenges if I'm 2 months post partum? (cesarean)

Mrinalini Shingal says:

Just finished my day 1 of the first challenge..,, phew… i can’t feel my legs now… it’s a great workout. I was on intermediate to advance level on most excercises but still could feel the burn! Thanks for sharing these great videos 👍

Nigat Tawfiq says:

Is this cardio

shapeurmind says:

3 circuits x 3 rounds (1st/2nd-> 45 sec on/10 off – 3rd -> 50 on/ 10 off) + Floor circuit [4]

[1] 1st – Step Out Jack + Squat + Walkout Push Up
[1] 2nd – Jumping Jack + Jump Squat + Burpees
[1] 3rd – Power Jacks + Jump Squat Pulses + Burpee Push Up Pulses
[2] Speed Skater Tap + Alt Back Lunges + Tricep Dips
[2] Speed Skaters + Jumping Lunges + Tricep Dips
[2] Speed Skaters Pulses + Jumping Lunges Pulses + Tricep Dips Kicks
[3] Knee Raises + Side Lunge (R) + Side Lunge (L) + Jabs
[3] Side Knee Raises + Side Lunge Knee (R) + Side Lunge Knee (L) + Uppercuts
[3] Hop Knee Raises + Side Lunge Knee Hop (R) + Side Lunge Knee Hop (L) + Jabs/Uppercuts

[4] Plank + Superman Hold + Mountain Climbers + Tabletop Crunch + Reverse Crunch + Bicycles

domen igličar says:

yup that's a challenge for Americans xD

Happy GIRL says:

is we have to do this exercise after 4 weeks???plz reply me

Khushbu Jha says:

Hi i want to my body shaping because am very week but my 21 but my body is not shaping please please please tell me what i do

sadafa damani says:

it was 8 :42 and my legs broken.

Sahil Patil says:

Thanks for your video.I am doing this exercise everyday. Can you plz suggest me food advise? I am not fat I just wanna get perfect body shape then which food I have to eat everyday and how many times in a day???

Kim Wolmer says:

Hi my name is Kim I've been exercising for quite a while now doing different kinds of exercising I eat very healthy. I don't have any gluten or soy products. scale still shows the same weight a few pounds lighter I have turned up a little what am I doing wrong

Husky ARMY says:

i have to get in shape for School lol

Iamnot Me says:

These are always a challenge which is good. I go back to these every now and then to switch things up in my routine.

Silvia Maned says:

this is really helping my mom thankyou work out

Tonic Lawrence says:

Owwieee! First time doing this workout and so many times I felt like stopping but I was determined to finish it so I ploughed on! No pain no gain. Feeling great for completing it! Thank you for the video 🙂

Crystal Taylor says:

Should these workouts be done daily?

ILOVEPSP100 says:

hi amy ! thanks for workout ! wo this workout was so hard i almost die ! lol . so amy, do we need to this everyday for one month to lose weight???

Carla Jade Mariano says:

this require equipment or not? thankyou for replying.

Nada Elsaedy says:

Amazing burning challenging workout

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