To Smith Machine Or Not To Smith Machine?? Should You Use It? JaRon Fit SECRET TIPS!!

To Smith Machine Or Not To Smith Machine??  Should You Use It?  JaRon Fit SECRET TIPS!!

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Jon Doe says:

I'm no expert, but if anything I'll use the Smith machine just for variation.

Mr M says:

Hey man, I hope you or someone else will answer my question. I use Smith Machine for shoulder press and I can press 30 to 35 kgs but when I used the barbell I could not push more than 15 kgs. What is the reason for such a big difference? Many thanks

Christopher Kasko says:

Excellent video

Christopher Kasko says:

Use it isolates and it fuckin works!

mommaskin1 says:

Thank you! Been saying this forever….YES YES YES

Jeraisy Bernal says:

Smith machine really do help when it comes to building muscle no dought. But when it comes to performance nothing beats free weights

Brian Urias says:

I wish you were my trainer. Lol

Jersey Paul says:

Great video JaRon! I just love Smith machines! I lift free weights in my basement and have been looking for a reasonably priced used smith machine for years. Forget it! Way cheaper just to join a gym. The only thing that I do that is a little scary is flat bench without a spotter. I have been thinking of dropping flat barbell bench, and just doing inclines anyway? Safer!

berner says:

The gym to me is a resource. Depending on what my goals are on any given day will depend on what piece of equipment or weights I'm going to use. But yeah, all that shit in the gym is a resource, that's all it is, a resource and if I can get a use out of it, I'm going to use it and that includes the smith machine.

tyler durden says:

Jaron was productive this day. He made 3 vids. 1) a education on smith machine video 2) a workout video 3) an interracial BBC creampie on blonde video for pornhub.. keep working hard jaron

DudeTheMan says:

bro your eye looks like a fuckin cyborg lol

kris Carlisle says:

The smith machine gives you an improper range of motion when your bench pressin on the smith machine look at the position of your shpulder your gonna fucking wreck your rotator cufs
Maybe the squat variation is good to feel your quads but nothing apart from that

Aldo Derrar says:

As you said and I strongly agree you can and will get strong by using the SM cause there are no other part of the body that can help when you do strength lift thank you brother

Aldo Derrar says:

Well said and explained thank you and by all means the Smith machine is the real deal

ricky Carrasco says:

Thanks man. What is your diet like and do u take whey protein? Also Can I take a homemade protein shake without whey protein? If so what is a good homemade shake?

Brian Monarch says:

Can you turn the music up louder on the next video? 😀
Thanks for the video… I'm probably going to get one!

Will Jackson says:

Good look dope video

AK W says:

My flat bench max is 300 x 3, my smith max with the SAME weight, compensating for the lighter bar, is 300 x 5. Squat max free weighted is 405 x 5, my smith max with SAME weight, compensating for the lighter bar, is 405 x 8.

I use smith to rep out and get a good pump or to protect my back when I am having issues with my lower back. The smith definitely has its place and I use it but there is zero chance your max on a smith is going to equal your max on free weights (if you're performing both accurately). That's, again, not saying that you cannot build a great body using the SMITH MORE than doing free bar incline, deads, squats, and flat…of course you can. But to build a complete body from head-to-toe competition wise, you are going to need both.

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