Smith Machine Upright Row

Smith Machine Upright Row

When you carry out the upright row together with your palms virtually touching and pull an EZ-Curl bar as much as your neck… STOP NOW. You possibly can actually hurt your self when performing the upright row on this trend. Discover ways to correctly carry out the upright row and profit from this multi-function motion.






dutchmountainsnake says:

Who the hell would do this anyway

Mark Jones says:

very good vid this. He is right just go up to below chest.

Matt Rivera says:

This is awesome…. I typed in the search "Smith Machine Upright Row" because it's a part of a 12 week "Bodybuilding For beginners" plan I and my fiancee have been doing for 6 weeks and about to begin week 7… what do I find?… Jim Stoppani's channel! The man who wrote the worm out plan that we've been following… Love it… my lady and I have a new love of bodybuilding and it started with this twelve week plan we found of Jim's…. Thank you Jim!

Dav Dolph says:

it seems like a waste of time if your goung to work out and build huge muscles only to cover them up with tattoos. also i wonder if they realize what their arms are going to look like when they become real old men.

GetOutOfHereStalkan says:

Does this work just as well without an angled smith machine? Or will having to pull it straight up cause shoulder rotation?

Zòó says:

Saw this guy doing the close grip up to his neck at the gym everytime he's there. He acts like he's a badass. I can see his shoulders rubbing and twisting in pain. Lol. Keep it going bud.

dirtmcgirt01 says:

I've already dumped the upright row, looks like I can try doing it right for a change and see how it feels.

Peter Franck says:

Nonsense. This is guy is talking about the Delts, but if you want to target the traps you have to use a close grip, and yes, you have to come all the way up.

bojan gnjidic says:

Scoobie lots brother?

JSkillz2315 says:

Glad I came across this!

Cosmic Moor says:

Firstly is it true that you have PHd? Yes it was becoming largely spoken opinion that Upright right rows done free or smith based were not good for shoulders you clareifird that myth Thanks. Where can I get your Books? Thanks.

Ben Boardman says:

awesome tips. I used to have shoulder caving in problems when doing this exercise due to a close grip and high pull. over the recent years I have widened my grip slightly and results have been massive. I'm now going to go wider still and not lift as high as per this video. thanks Jim!


athlean x dislikes this

فارس الماجد says:

is there a safe way to do this with press?

chipperknick010 says:

I think you got a great WWE wresting voice. Like a Shawn Michaels. Anybody hear it?

Lee Hardy says:

This is great! I think a majority of people in the gym, myself included, do these wrong. Thanks for the great advice, @Jim Stoppani!

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