Smith Machine Squats SUCK vs Free Weights | Gabriel Sey

Smith Machine Squats SUCK vs Free Weights | Gabriel Sey

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My entire time coaching, I hear on a regular basis that Smith machine squats are horrible and a waste of time… The reality is… They are not..


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Sahejdeep Singh says:

Please please please make a video on herniated disc.

Barbell Society UK says:

Decent points brother! And that tee is 💪💪

Berryberrynice says:

I started off with the Smith machine and developed hip alignment issues. Squat rack helped to address this

lee w says:

N people don't forget front squat aswell !!

lee w says:

Smith machines are great everything as its place chest/legs its great to add into your routine !!!

scott mclean says:

newish subscriber and loving the channel mate, bit left of field but where did u get that sick avengers pic behind you? lol

ZeNex74 says:

less hassle setting up, less stress on knees but yes some less stabilzer muscles. ill stick with seated squat machine. does my knee well

gedmin383 says:

I love your videos man. Very imformative. I hope your channel grows like it deserves to.

KEN says:

Smith machine = pussy
Free weights = dick

Maybe, this is what most of gym rats think. If I can gain mass on my legs using smith machine, I don't give a shit about being called pussy.

Cjay One says:

Food for thought.. if I follow your logic, then a flat bench press would help with muscular imbalances no? Such as a dominant pectoral muscle. Can't have it both ways right? Bench pressing on the smith machine causes you to have a mechanical advantage you slide the weight against the track to help with balance and force. Not helping you lacking pec. Thoughts?

QUICK says:

I used the Smith Squat Machine because I damage my lower back doing deadlift over three years ago. I started doing the smith machine five months ago and I don't feel ANY pain, in the lower back anymore. By using the smith machine, I'm able to squat very low to the floor. You can gain size using the Smith Machine because my legs, thighs and buttocks is growing in size and strength. You need to keep adding the weights to grow. Also, I'm back to doing deadlift…I think the smith machine help me come back to deadlift. I can deadlift now 230 pound plus the bar and my strength is increasing…I orginally deadlift the bar. It's a time process and you can't rush it. I'm suprise you didn't cover this Gabriel because I received the Smith Machine advice from a few Youtube Pages. Your gains will not stop because you're using the smith machine for squats…it's up to the person to challenge his/her body, by increasing the weights, reps and sets. I'm proof of that. So much, if people can relate…you know your legs are growing…when you have to cut the sides of your boxers because your thighs are growing. I had to do this process twice, within five months.

hellrazor117 says:

Jay Cutler built his monster legs with smith machine squats.

Daswaggermasta says:

I've had similar issues to you and so i have have been doing banded box squats and i am also finding high bar squatting with a wide stance is helping me engage my hips and glutes better. I might give the smith machine squats a go.

SmittyWerbenJaggerManJensen says:

I touched that thing maybe 2 times in 3 month

PowPow says:

The smith machine can be pretty awesome. It's not always great to load the spine with such big weight, it helps with that. I use it for squats, because of my back, lunges and hip thrusts.

hamzy68 says:

we need the old school raw powerlifiting training sessions with P1 back!

Jose Gonz says:

The smith machine is whack… sometimes I'll use it for a fixed shoulder press to hit my lateral head… apart from that…. rack it everytime, having problems drop the weight or use the plate loaded squat.

- H says:

I could never Smith machine squats because of the whole movement pattern issue and how awkward it is for me. I wouldn't right off the whole machine though, can use it for shoulders and glute work.

Darryl Moore says:

Smith machine for improving form through Muscle memory, free weight squats for overall strength especially stabilizer muscles, both free weights and Smith machine is needed for overall holistic leg training

alexbevan007 says:

The problem with the smith machine is that it does not go in your natural pathway which may cause problems.

Meghan Wedgren says:

Thank you for this!

James Mccarron says:

Would you reccomend low bar or high bar ??

Sebastian Kirstein says:

When you do a squat are you supposed to stop when your legs are horizontal or are you suppose to dip your butt below your knees?

San Kamil Mohammed says:

oi bruv what are those shoes at 3:00

Fernando Rodriguez says:

It’s good to know. I’m lovin’ it….

Tundra Guy says:

I always get lower back pain when doing these over free weight squats.

PMdre Fitness says:

Great advice Gabriel!

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