FIT505 Universal Functional Smith Machine

FIT505 Universal Functional Smith Machine

FIT505 Universal Functional Smith Machine. Residential-grade energy rack, smith machine and practical coach all-in-one rig. Un-boxing and first impressions. Video of me utilizing it:



Kshitij Chauhan says:

Is it available in india?

armando calvo says:

Where did you buy it from? Thank you

James Boyd says:

Great review!!

Robert Nguyen says:

can you measure the length from the front hole to the back hole that bolts the ground?

TheCoffeeMachine says:

How is it doing so far 4months later? The price is very attractive but is it good? Thanks

Better Bodies GU says:

You sound like a filipino uncle that lives in cali lol

Sanjay Dutta says:

Sir, can u send size of every parts of the machine

Luca Baglioni says:

where I can buy this product for eu Europe?

Jose Antonio says:

I am considering buying this machine looks much better then online pics for sure, thanks for sharing.

Cristian Cusimano says:

Wow fantastic
Congratulation man

Body By PT says:

I have a private studio, would you recommend this or should I get something more sturdy?

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