Barbell Squat VS Smith Machine Squat (Which Is Best For Leg Hypertrophy?)

Barbell Squat VS Smith Machine Squat (Which Is Best For Leg Hypertrophy?)

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aramis45646 says:

Quick question Chris, I noticed you took all four doses of the Cuts FTS at once. Is it better to do that than 2 in the morning then the next 2 after 6-8 hours?

Beating the Odds with Beeb says:

that intro is sick

koschwarz says:

This shyt matters!

reno romito says:

Review those shoes

Fit Qness says:


Corey Smith says:

I watch all your videos bro keep it up cuz it’s motivating me

Ray FitBioActive says:

Smith machine is the only I can squat due to low back issues. I totally agree with Young Jones! #Aw-ready!

King Jean says:

Chris Jones is part of the Illuminati!

Builders Life says:

30 bitches minimum. So that’s the Ohio bitch story!

frblaze2 says:

take all smith machines, grind them up for scrap metal

Romeo Morin says:

Funny AF and informative. I guess that's why you have the highest like to dislike ratio per video that I've seen on YouTube thus far.

shane netherton says:

If you want to end up with effed up joints then stick with the machines and chase the pump.

Jbsk111211 Msj says:

2 days ago u said u have to stop with the pussy Smith machine for shoulders and get back to the barbell…

Keith Moore Jr. says:

Great info here man

erik deke says:

6:24 reminded me of a Ronnie Coleman clip

CapitalDeeRC says:

Dope Vid Bro 💯

era vitaa says:

Yo Chris Jones do a Askbeastmode show its been awhileeee mayn

John Jackson says:

good call man, i never really considered it. . for the first 10 years i lifted i only did biking and squats. i said fuck the rest but as i lift now i see the importance of deadlifts, squats, leg press, et al.

Latin Califas says:

Yeah buddy. Overload every muscle none stop ever day. Don’t bitch out and go hard every day!

Manuel Burdick says:

Link back up with Sandra she was good ppl . I think it will be good for the channel again


High volume workouts are the way to go baby. Thats the way I love to train

Jon Babcock says:

Liked this video as far as I know u never made a video on this topic, good new content, keep it coming bro

jamie conn says:

Chris Jones the only fitness youtuber who keeps it real and doesn’t use click bait. A true hero.

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