Women’s Bodybuilding

Women’s Bodybuilding


Tru metalhead on Maui ey says:

Look at the bodies of the women that win, first of all.One year they has a Ms O lightweight winner, and a heavyweight Ms O winner.

MuFan says:

Bullshit 😱 Gender ever the same – ever! Women are not couch potatos only.

Art Jetson says:

Your clearly a dude why wear makeup

robby1968100 says:

Its natural and real

MuFan says:

Schwachsinn! Fette Männer sind nicht Frauen. Was für ein Quatsch ist das.

Eric Fournier says:

Misleading headline here. No genders were changed here. Only gender stereotypes.

EMMEA71 says:

Wonderful Lenda

MrOneofsix says:

Beautiful muscular and very sexy, these incredibly ripped muscular women are so erotic that their giving me a hard on .

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