Ulisses jr & Alicia Marie



Brian Hollingsworth says:

@María José Zárate i think you are right about that lol 🙂 i am a white guy who loves women but he is so damn fine! if i could get a man like ulisses i'd forget about the females

22NiggaPlease says:

digitally enhanced bulge ??? +yolanigoma 

María José Zárate says:

I don't think so babe, nothing about him looks small 😉

22NiggaPlease says:

seemed like they was both doing there own thing

hihosilverlining2 says:

both beautiful, but no chemistry at all between them

TheJujunick says:

@KBcolumbine The song is by TYRESE circa 2001

Kurt Buck says:

Whats the name of this song?

DakotaJanes says:

both of them are very beautiful but the poses are sooooooooo lame!!!

fusoperso says:

her height?

ShaxAMV says:

I don't like how her face is tanned like that..

Andrew Elder says:

@CristinaFernandez He's 5'10".. which is nowhere near 6'

hihosilverlining2 says:

Are they a couple

hihosilverlining2 says:

@yolanigoma -how do you know? It is most definately possible lol!

yolanigoma says:

It's digitally enhanced,you know air brushing

yolanigoma says:

what do you mean by 100 ! , the muscles or the digitally enhanced bulge ?

Mak Medrani says:

they both look awesome

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