The World of Female Bodybuilding #8211; Katie Couric



Gerald Smith says:

Love Katie Couric

MunkeyParts says:

gotta be honest, Katie Coo started popping that bicep ad my pants unzipped themselves

Sean Mcmillan says:

Why does mainstream media go out of there way to demonize women who choose to become bodybuilders ? It's close minded thinking that it's okay for the majority of male bodybuilders pro or ameteur to become freakishly large , Some are so big that they end up having distended stomachs like pregnant women. The avarage size male bodybuilder is about 70 lbs heavier than the avarage female and the largest male bodybuilders are about ninety pounds heavier. Why do men who find women like her as well as Margie Martin, Isabelle Turell , Aleesha Young, Helle Trevino etc. referred to by a derogatory term such as schmoes or are stereotyped as being a closeted homosexual simply beacsuse we like women who choose to compete in a sport where they are 145 to about 175 contest ready? What are you afraid of ? All of us men do not like photoshopped actresses and models whose photos are retouched to make them appear to be in better shape, These women are in shape and are very attractive as well .

shinobi85 says:

Looks like Brandi had motioned for Bryant to feel her arm, but he missed out lol

Hangslew Dusngeg says:

lol she is my fav porn star

Wes Stan says:

shes really pretty especially for a female bodybuilder, just look super fit in the offseason

Ozymandias says:

She does porn

scawfan75 says:

I love Brandi! She is a stunner and a total badass. Wouldn't mind meeting her 1 day

laurentien00 says:

Brandi is a very cute lady with exceptional biceps and muscularity. She redefines the canons of beauty and is very attractive.

todd jones says:

..Hey now..I gladly wear the "Schmoe" title as a Badge-Of-Honor..worshiping big muscle women makes my heart soar.. ‚ú®ūüėć‚ú®

bruuuhhhhforeal says:

probably the best looking female bodybuilder I've laid eyes on. But even she takes steroids. unfortunate

Vitaly Bolotsky says:

I very very love woman with big hard muscles.

sirius212ify says:

Brandi is right that the use of the term "schmoes" is derogatory and any woman bodybuilder who does sessions and calls her clients "schmoes" is a filthy hypocrite.

karldrive says:

super sexy muscle girl !

Francisco Pete says:

brandi mae is a beast in the sack

mystic548 says:

Katie is so strong! Her bicep is huge and she has great control! Wish I was that strong!

New Night says:

So, the female bodybuilders make fun of the men that are hot on them. I think tall women, women basketball players, and transsexual do too. ūüôĀ Maybe we should all just long for Halle Berry or Scarlett Johansson.

MrInzombia says:

These women are proof that bodybuilders like Ronnie coleman jay cutler all of em do steroids to be freakish

realfunny7 says:

Katie flexes every chance she gets Рso guys like a athletic woman Рso she flexes her muscles what  does a PlayBoy bunny do Рstop making guys out they are freaks  & now you making women cover up

realfunny7 says:

why is it freaky¬†?¬† so a guy likes a lady that has muscles – for me it went way back when I was 6 & the "older" girls in the neighborhood were 12 or 13 & were "tomboys" that played all the games outside in the '50's & me being that young & short they flexed their arms & it went from there – most guys went¬† for the girlie¬† girl – I was ¬†always¬† made fun of ¬†then in the 70's I could spot that girl¬† fast when I would get her to flex then dance – that's when the "Tom Selleck's" showed up & me it was see ya – then that guy was no where around –¬†he used her ¬† so at 65 I can still get the girls that I went to school with to flex – there is nothing wrong with us – so ladies¬† (certain ones ) always hid them – its not late¬† – there are men who think its sexy not freaky & stop making it that it is

PinecrestNova says:

Beautiful, strong, articulate. Great muscle definition without being too manly. I wish there were more FBB's like Brandi Mae. The fact that she's an exhibitionist who does porn makes her all the more attractive. There's nothing more sexy than a woman who knows exactly what she wants and doesn't give a shit what anyone else thinks.

nagone11 says:

¬†'schmoes'……funny as hell, never heard that term before.

awalke29 says:

Brandy is beautiful

Cameron M. Turner says:

Interesting how they glossed over the "sessions" and online side of bodybuilding, downplaying the "adult" entertainment aspect of it.  Was that a condition that Brandi's publicist made with Katie?  

b8torfan2011 says:

She does her fair share of porn too.  Katie is so sexy. I would love to worship her body

Buster King says:

Awesome flexes, but as an admirer of female muscle, I do find the term 'schmoes' and the thought of muscle worship as 'freaky' truly derogatory.

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