Tame Your Tummy Ab Exercise: Alicia Marie

Tame Your Tummy Ab Exercise: Alicia Marie

Tame Your Tummy Ab Exercise with Alicia Marie is an intense core-strengthening stomach exercise that employs a specifically-formulated collection of ab-shredding workouts to burn fats, problem the core and have interaction all the muscle tissues of the transverse abdominis to flatten the midsection and uncover ripped definition. Shrink the waistline and banish stomach fats eternally with Fitness Skilled, Writer of The Booty Bible, and Co-Creator of the BeFiT 30 Day Butt Carry System, Alicia Marie as she takes you down the street to six-pck abs and tight obliques. Flip up the burn as you tone the abs, again and booty with this distinctive routine that options standing workouts within the first half and seated strikes within the second half to spice up the metabolism and activate the abdominals for max outcomes. Put together to sweat with end result-pushed strikes like torso twists, wooden choppers pivots, Okay crunches, standing crunches, seated ab twists, overhead crunches, windmills, cross leg crunches, bicycles, plank holds, Supermans, youngster’s pose, trunk rotations, cat/cow stretches and cobra pose that may construct power and depart you wanting swimsuit prepared. Re-form your physique with a professional proper out of your very personal front room. Take this exercise with you anyplace to develop into your greatest and uncover a stronger, more healthy new you. You wil,l want a light-weight weight drugs ball, a towel and a bottle of water to finish this routine that may be modified to suit all ranges of fitness. Tune in to the BeFiT Channel each weekday for newly uploaded fitness movies that includes your favourite trainers. Click on right here for extra Ab exercises: http://bit.ly/U1J3pU

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MsTinamath1 says:

Love youuuuuu😄

Maria Osym says:

her body is amazing

MissStovall88 says:

Please add a arms& back workout by Alicia

laureen Joseph says:

Excellent choice of workouts by Alicia, am definitely feeling this.my butt looks good.tummy flat but need some more work.

Dimitris demetrio says:

i love u

Thepravados14 says:

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xo! :)

Gisselle Rivero says:

Thanks for your tips… this channel is very good :)

sara hakhamanesh says:

She's amazing!!! Thank you

Petagaye Harper says:

The only workout I can do without feeling like I'm going to die, NO THANKS TO MY ASTHMA. I actually enjoy how easy it is for me, my body and my chest.

Leatrice Mcneal says:

This was pretty good. Thanx Alicia!!

chantal allain says:

Peut on l'écouter en francais

Tasha Evans says:

Awesome video! I am adding this to my ab routine.

Fashion Nymph says:

Could we just use a dumbbell instead if we don't have a medicine ball?

Sanahi90 says:

I can feel the burn! 

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