Shopping With Jamie Eason At The Grocery Store –

Shopping With Jamie Eason At The Grocery Store –

Jamie hits the grocery retailer onerous to refill for 4 of her ingeniously wholesome and attractive LiveFit meals!

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Okay, so guess who went on a grocery-buying extravaganza (I am calling it a date) with Jamie Eason? Me! I am unsure why I used to be chosen to do that, and I feel she was a bit stunned as nicely, however as I waited for her within the lodge foyer I began questioning what Jamie Eason is perhaps like.

Wouldn't it end up that her actual identify was truly Demanda? Or was she only a complete pretend who did not know the distinction between a sweet bar and a protein shake? This was a very odd “date”—the world's fittest mannequin going buying with the world's most immature nerd.



Josephine Quist says:

This is so helpful! It is so rare you get good tips! And the supermarked is always so tricky. What to by. What to watch out for!?

P M says:

Organic does not mean healthy is myth, you pay more for no other than a label.

plopsa x says:

So fucking boring. Thank God that you are really pretty so i can whats this shit..

Albert Cedillo says:

Jamie u look very different with eye glass but look cutie. Very sexy. Beautiful. Nice sweet voice. Your guy is very lucky.. Too bad I wouldn't know u been good date. I am good u buy food. Or gone shopping with u. .. But have great life. Hope to see u again at expo.

Yeni Pettis says:

Not what I expected. All packaged stuff. Bue

Susan James says:

Don't spend money on the "healthy" area there. By all means eat clean but those packets are tasteless and full of starch and pricey. they will sit in your cupboard and when you use them for pancakes or muffins then they will not be worth the effort and expense you put into it. Believe me when I say this. Leave it.

Jamie Jacobs says:

Wow! Such good info.! And she's so cute too!

cris suzuki says:

Beautiful and sexy!

Obed Torres says:

She's so beautiful!!! 💋😻

Fausto Robalino says:

Great vid! Thx!

Qta says:

her face looks amazing, very pretty woman

bankrollbill says:

how do u become part of

letterbox54 says:

i didnt know dried fruits werent as dense as whole fruits. im glad i watched this video and learned.

DobyDuke says:

camera man stfu let her talk hahaha we dont wanna hear you lol

datrutru05 says:

shes a nice lady

BIGboostedDSM says:

Shes so hot. I wish the guy would shut up though.

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