Knockout Model Boxing at Gleason’s Gym

Knockout Model Boxing at Gleason’s Gym

On the primary episode of Lady v. Exercise, scorching fitness mannequin Lauren Berlingeri visits the nation's oldest lively boxing fitness center, Brooklyn's well-known Gleason's Gym.

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Be a part of fitness mannequin Lauren Berlingeri as she takes on a loopy new problem every week. Whether or not coaching with the FDNY, tossing axes with STIHL Timbersports legends, or bounding by way of parkour routines, our fearless host manages to land on her ft with a smile (more often than not!).



Jy'Mire Webb says:

she's a hundred 30 lb and I'm 11 year old and I bet I cannot girl and I bet I can knock her out

Jy'Mire Webb says:

I could beat a girl up in the first round

Riad Saba says:

What the fuck? You wanna box? You cannot even outrun a turtle. Stick to modelling and looking pretty for rich men to fuck you.

Margherita Romeo says:

pessime 😑 dov'è la guardia!

Jacob Ronaldo says:

man im in love

Resiifan44 44 says:

Love her little back.. and the tatoo makes her sexier.. This Girl is Lovely

Neo RedDragon says:

She's so basic it impeaches my shoulder

mike dothan says:

you said you will try anything once, then try me in the bedroom. 🙂

A Commenter says:

Knockout model… She has a name… #ItsAmerica

وعوودي 54 says:

Soper women's 😍👏

ShirlinaFIT. says:

Haha love that she growled before fighting her!!! #arghhghh 💪

Shouq. says:

She is so beautiful and nice 👍🏽 good girl

Jy'Mire Webb says:

I can beat you Minecraft I'll prove it I live in Harding Place come down here and I'll prove it I can beat you examples that you're not the best boxer

Jaime Holguin says:

Props to Alisha, went as easy on her as she was a toddler.

Herkicks&thrifts says:

Alicia Ashly is a wonderful person and a very slick fighter Ive worked with her in training camp it was great 💯😊

Ronnie Boyd says:

She's hot

wilstebri says:

WTF??!!! That's a dude!!!!!

andrew v says:

love 2 know how sweaty she got especially her feet in them trainers

andrew v says:

I would like to lick the sweat of her

Zeishurra Hallowell says:

Would lick her sweat off though

Totally Anonymous says:

cringe cringe cringe

Waleed Arif says:

Lauren better be careful what she wishes for. She might be going ahead of herself.

Terry Devlin says:

What an asshole

QQTrick1QQ says:

Maybe Woman was Worked over. lol, great heart you would get better fast!

Marh Mario says:

put it on 0.25 speed at 0:02 second and look at that old guy checking her out .

MisterSir says:

yawn. I have far greater respect for a regular 18 year old female gymnast than I do this woman

emre şerefhanoğlu says:

this girl knock out me in 5 second and kill me :))

No Thanks says:

It was nice that the pro went easy on her

Hadia Hannah vlogs says:

im boxing and i love boxnig so much

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