Jamie Eason Trainer Blooper – Bodybuilding.com

Jamie Eason Trainer Blooper – Bodybuilding.com

Humorous clip of Jamie Eason introducing her 12 week coach for Bodybuilding.com!!



wilwat9 says:

Great Jamie!!!

1BassJohn says:

lol there should be 'comedy' written in the title, some people won't see the humour in this who know how awesome Jamie really is. Otherwise, if it's real. 🙁 lol

Bacdafucup94 says:

Bitch calm down 🙂

hery xman says:

I really like the video. Youtube is fantastic for this form of thing.

My step brother had been bullied. He said he was going to get bigger muscle and strength. I did not believe him. But then he packed on 40lbs of 100 % pure muscle mass. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Google it). He does not get bullied these days. 🙂 I personally subscribed the other day. And the guys emails are fucking awesome…

Eric Colvin says:

She's Having A Baby. Soooo, I Take Back My Boner Comment.

ezcondition says:

this one right here lost a few cards in the shuffle : )

OuazzaJohnny08101982 says:

LOL LOL LOL MOve your BodY

Rockw61 says:

i beat u by 5 seconds

DNA0088 says:

lol. that was cute. 😀

Family Videos says:

That as funny 🙂

butsex iSslippery says:

i'm going to hell

jjjjjokerface says:

She had breast cancer.

1D5dozer says:

My GF – "WOW Jamie Eason is hot"
ME – You saying that was hot"

boundforglorywt says:

didnt think i could bust a nut in under 55 seconds!!!!

fluticasona1 says:

Man, she really cute!!! *–*

mike mcdonald says:

Ha,ha,ha I will say Jamie is one funny young lady who definitely know what she's talking about when it comes to diet and exercise.

Belle Oz says:

lmaoo i love her

Eric Colvin says:

@TwoBadMilosDead haha, i forgot i said that

Denny Crane says:

@newbrand05 it took you that long?

Joel Gan says:

god crazy adorable personality with a smoking hot body.

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