Intense Arm Workout at Fitness center: Female Fitness Model Michelle Lewin

Intense Arm Workout at Fitness center: Female Fitness Model Michelle Lewin

This can be a nice exercise within the fitness center in your arms, again, chest, shoulders, and even core. She's doing push-ups, dumbbell row, bicep curls, one arm db rows, cable again rows, triceps pressdown, and extra. Do three units of every train for 10-15 reps. Relaxation 1-2 minutes between every set.



8iG Z3k3 says:

There's a mcdonalds commercial before this video

Ms_Krook says:

Finally, a woman who knows how to work out! Love it!

adam lamb says:

Come to cleveland and visit titans gym we get it in here as well!

MrTaylorreaves says:

Wow she's hot

RemixxGlamGal says:

Yesss love her damn body

Eugene says:

on the push-ups ,,, you extend your leg on the way down, alternating yhem, does that work your glute as well?

MultiSexterminator says:

Very hot! Brunettes are fitness queens!

Diego Ferrari says:

perfect body

Christie Rose says:

More arm videos please!!!!!!! We get the squats now!

Gati Ro says:

My inspiration.. And she is Venezuelan as well!!! ;)) Besos desde Amsterdam!!

Eduardo Cabral says:

beautiful totalllllllllll

Vanessa Sanchez says:

Love your body!!

TheBeckyMc says:

Really nice form. Oh and top glutes 🙂

phantom2k10 says:

females who take pride in their Physiques *love struck*

LaToya Mal says:

Lol I just saw that you have already included that information thanks

KhmuPrinceCharming says:

Great job! Amazing body! Love it! Thank for sharing.

Sweet Love says:

How many lbs is she lifting?? And also, can u do a cardio workout at home plz?

goldmouth100 says:

Woooow 😉 great job girl

mnlkthms says:

Omg!!! I can't even say what I'm thinking right now!!!!!

womensworkoutchannel says:

1-2hrs a day 5-6x a week.

EroSennin Jiraiya says:

my question is how many hours a week does she put into the gym to get a body like that?

JayMeister22 says:

Beautiful! 🙂

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