Female Fitness Motivation – Beauty Is Aesthetic



Akhwan Ahmad says:

spanking is solution to increase your butt

Phoenix Rising says:

Why can't we leave the definitions of words alone? Just say you value fitness over beauty. It is like you are trying to shoehorn fitness into beauty because other people value beauty over fitness. I get the world isn't fair. Some people are just not going to be able beautiful relative to others. You don't deal with that by deluding yourself.

Marcelo Cazuza says:


Stevie Richards says:

That'll be me soon as teenager.

Aymazing Fit Boy says:

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Pedro Sanchez says:

I love watching these fitness videos, their so inspiration

Dadang 2017 says:

Best sport for the best people.

Llama Times says:

Guys, might be hard to believe but anyone who makes fun of you for doing this is actually jealous they can't get off of their lazy bums and/or they don't want to you get better

GCTFilter snake says:

Here's my favourite quote:
It's always put together kinda the same using different words but meaning the same thing
"There's a lot of pressure on women"
And I love this quote because it's untrue to its deepest foundations, this is the case no matter what sub class you're talking about, either it he looking a certain way, acting and behaving a certain way, doing certain things, talking a certain way… The list goes on and on for miles, okay to give benefit of the doubt I'll take back "Untrue" and replace the word with straight bullshit… I don't understand why, but women as a gender love to live back in time, when society was starting to accept them and they were starting to gain rights… That's when women love to live and this is where they draw their naive ignorant perspectives from,the fact of the matter is that women have never had it so easy as they do now in any decade looking back, this is the first time where society has favored women over men… You wanna talk about hardships, try being a man… Saying that men have hardships is 10/10 laughed at, not one men's issue has been explored or taking seriously since 1990…that's what current data shows, men are told to suck it up, man up and deal with it. Women always use this victim mentality of being while at the same time trying to promote a stronger image of what women should be, you see it everywhere, tell me it's not true?… There's always a band together commercial yet women have more support groups every recorded in history. But that's not my problem, my problem is this, women pay attention, I know me saying all this knocks down you're wall of delusion and exposes the bullshit you use daily and you don't like that.

Here's the true, ow it's easier to blame men for everything, even in that light women understand that no one is going to help men out or say anything on their behalf, but in reality… Women oppress other women, this is especially true when it comes to feminism… I don't understand how women allow these groups to continue knowing it paints you in a bad image… But women set the standards for other women, these same women complaining about looking a certain way, dress, acting, behaving and doing certain things get those complexes from who??? You're certainly not learning how to dress by men… Who's really oppressing women… Then turning around and bitching about it?

Johnnie Campbell says:

nice tits @ 00:47.

Olivier Montminy says:

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Ярослава Гранская says:

1:19 как ее фамилия? если не путаю, бразильская фитнес-бикини, одна из самых первых.


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Edward Tucker says:

Very nice sexy body baby girl love you ass

rajhiem daniels says:

Yoo y'all gotta check out @m.leefitness on Instagram. Awesome fitness motivation.

Amit badhana says:

must watch this sexy lady
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Steven Young says:

I need to find one of those! WoW

nuisito felix says:

poneme musica mas que palabras!!

PaolitoGoPro25 says:

1:14 name song😎

Srv Sax says:

U are. So pretty ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Wonton says:

strength is sexy but silicons and Botox injections aren't.

Krystle Lewis says:

I feel like this would have been more helpful without all the "enhanced" bodies.

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