Don’t Answer the Door by Alicia Marie



Tim Darlingboy says:

Right on sister! You've got a good thing going!

yougogo2 says:

You still the greatest picker around! Just saying. You still out there or have ya got caught up in life….

frontman6949 says:

I play delta style harmonica. Would u be interested in an over the net project? Some kind of overdub vid or something? Just to celebrate the glory of Blues. I just happen to be watching Crossroads from 1986 right now and got inspired.

SquierStrat72 says:

Nice job on that, Alicia. Don't see you with an acoustic as often. I'm celebrating the fact that I was recently able to buy my first brand new guitar in some time. Fender guy that I am, of course, it was a Telecaster. 🙂

frontman6949 says:

Damn girl!!!! Delta style much??? Robert Johnson fan are we?? Love it

Aaron Caulder says:

as always sound great

yougogo2 says:

Or life without you by SRV…

yougogo2 says:

Just do some kinda free style something any thing please.

trexmarcbolan says:

Awesome Post !

Gourmand Croquant says:

Wow ! So great. Congrats from France and from another bb king fan !

brummbaer50 says:

Fine fingerpicking in this Blues – I like this style, Alicia! You are very versatile in your guitarplaying! Go on ! I always enjoy your musical "news" ! Hugs from Günther

pirhala says:

New acoustic?

Danny James says:

Sounds great!

daviemcf says:

Finger picking cool blues Alicia!!   : ))

dusty0608 says:

fantastic, as usual. thanks Alicia

jimmy smith says:

that really sounds good, got that finger thing down,,,, please relate the guitar (cant make out the brand ,,gibson? and the string guage? you are really hitting that low E and was just curious,,,

Richard Bennett says:

Thank you very much…wonderfully done tune!

Bluzer86 says:

Played it like Skip James 🙂 , enjoyed listening.

Jimi Mac says:

The finger-picking is impressive!  I haven't found a real knack for it in myself…
That would also sound awesome on a resonator…

Terry Harrison says:

There you go again. You always amaze me when I click on one of your videos. Keep up the GREAT work young lady. I just recorded another Fats Domino song, stop by sometime and check it out. Have a wonderful weekend…..Terry

AlanSturgess says:

3.10 > 3.26, great little assortment of facial expressions, especially the little twitch at 3.22. Excellent upload Alicia; very entertaining to watch your face as you played, and also what seems to be your 3-fingered picking style (I count it a good day when I can get thumb and middle co-operating!). Good to hear you tackling the great BBK …. any chance of some Roy Buchanan? Good to still see you have time for playing and uploading as your studies progress …. you must be a fair way through your course by now. All the best.

senilitysux66 says:

Alicia, I can hardly believe it but I think this is the first time I've ever heard an acoustic rendition of this B.B. favorite, and I positively LOVE it. Gives it even more of the blues feel for me. Way to go, girl!

HUTCHfromBA says:

Finger picking good Alicia !

tomyman says:


BjavaBbotBme says:

FAntastic, Alicia!  😉

bluesloverz says:

Don't Answer the Door by Alicia on Guitar

yougogo2 says:

One of my favorites !!! Well done! 😉

sfdog1369 says:

Some Good Pickin There Girl Good Job Alicia Peace BB8

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