Butt Workout 1: Tone Up | 30 DAY BUTT LIFT

Butt Workout 1: Tone Up | 30 DAY BUTT LIFT

Butt Workout 1: Tone Up from 30 DAY BUTT LIFT is an intense decrease physique exercise that focuses particularly on the glutes to burn fats, tighten the abs, tone the legs, and sculpt a robust and comely butt. Blast away energy and slim the waist, hips, thighs, and calves as you carry and tone your booty. Be a part of Skilled Coach & “Booty Bible” Writer, Alicia Marie on this concentrated, goal-firming power exercise, and first installment from the all new “30 Day Butt Carry” Workout Program, solely on BeFit! Gear required: mat, a light-weight set of hand weights, and a sturdy chair.
Study the key to attaining a lean and outlined decrease-physique from the most effective as Alicia takes you thru an elaborate collection of squats, lunges, stretches, bridges, supermans, and kick-backs. Focus your respiration, improve your stability, and strengthen the hamstrings, as you tone and isolate each muscle within the butt. This exercise is nice for all talent ranges and could be modified by adjusting weight. These distinctive workouts will ignite your weight-loss potential, construct power, and stretch the hip flexors, quads, and again to maximise outcomes and depart you wanting your very best. Click on right here for extra Butt exercises: http://bit.ly/1gdwj8L


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Butt Workout 1
EQUIPMENT: Mat, Sturdy chair, a 5-15 pound hand weight/dumbbell (PLUS: towel, water)

WORKOUT MOVES AND REPETITIONS (‘reps') on this exercise:
1. OPEN LEG DROP SQUAT – 15 reps
2. BULGARIAN SPLIT SQUAT – 15 reps PER LEG(you might want to begin with 10 reps and work as much as 15)
three. LATERAL LUNGE WITH REACH – 15 reps per aspect/leg

*STANDING STRETCH QUADS/HIP FLEXORS* – maintain 10-15 seconds every leg

*FLOORWORK* (mat wanted)
four. BASIC LYING BRIDGE – 15 reps
5. BRIDGE WITH LEG RAISE – 15 reps every leg
6. SUPERMAN – four ‘lifts' at three ‘stretched second' counts every

*KICKBACK SERIES* (on all fours)
eight. CROSSOVER STRAIGHT LEG KICKBACK – 10 reps, every carry within the ‘crossover' is a rep
* BE positive to finish the bent leg ‘set' FIRST – then do the ‘crossover set' for that leg BEFORE starting the bent leg/crossover set for the other leg!
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riham Rosemoon says:

In superman exercise
I can't raise my leg like u

Just raise my knee

Methanie !! says:

I’m eating hot Cheetos while I’m watching this 😭😭it’s never gonna work lmao

Kendra Atkins says:

That's a dude

alfredo tort says:

shoulder is broader than the butt..

alfredo tort says:

shoulder is broader than the butt..

Semra Gül says:

i got herniated disc problem at 28th day! have to get a surgery!

Jordan Boyd says:

alicia marie is my fav. i'd gladly pay for any program she runs.

superopalfruit says:

The best booty workout.

maram Senan says:

I'm going to start doing it from now on and ill tell you the results (btw, i'm doing the 30 day butt lift challenge calender, not just this workout only)

HayThere says:

Is she trans?

Mylife Zay says:

She’s so hottttt💯❤️😅

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