Booty, Perfection and Fitness with Alicia Marie

Booty, Perfection and Fitness with Alicia Marie

BOOTY BIBLE writer and movie star fitness guru Alicia Marie discusses attaining bodily and skilled perfection, the routines of success, and what goes on behind the scenes of the fitness business. Going deep with the coach on the inspirations for her self-discipline and unlikely geek roots, Daniel DiPiazza hosts this Lip Information interview.

Alicia Marie is an internationally acknowledged tv and media character, cowl mannequin, fitness put on designer and writer of The Booty Bible.

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00:01 Welcome to TLN.
00:20 Introducing Alicia Marie.
01:00 Moving into fitness and athletics and educating private coaching.
05:50 MTV superstar fitness coaching, pursuing modeling, and writing “The Booty Bible.”
eleven:20 The method of behavior formation, chasing perfection, and the 70% answer.
sixteen:forty What actually goes on behind the scenes of the fitness business?
25:20 Social obstacles and specializing in the duty at hand with a purpose to obtain success.
32:10 Thanks and goodbye.



Keeya Sykes says:

Great interview your a natural!

Keeya Sykes says:

Great interview your a natural!

Marko Simić says:

guys stfu she looks amazing

OpenSource Citizen says:

All together now…………UNSUBSCRIBE   

BlueEternities says:

Those fake contacts look so creepy…

Guy Fawkes says:

Old girl looks like Kirstie Alley with a tan…

pete chan says:

excellent interview yes one step at a time and discipline

Mychael Darklighter says:

Thumbs up for "I didn't want to be Barbie, I wanted to look like She-Hulk."

RedheadedPrincess says:

This girl is wicked hot! For those of you trying to get into shape here are some dieting tips to go along with your workout : 10 Tips to Eat Lots and Lose Weight

Rustyhands says:


89gertie says:

Mars Attacks!

Fitness Phönix says:

Moin Jungs, wenn ihr noch gute Stringer oder coole Klamotten sucht fürs Gym schaut doch mal hier vorbei:

Top Qualität! Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit den Stringern

PS: Nein sind nicht meine Produkte, aber ich finde es ist einfach eine Top Marke deshalb sollte sie jeder sehen!

Edward Kelly says:

I sub this channel believing I was subing a critical informative and progressive news commentary show. Instead I got a show that talks about vanity, homosexuality and other unimportant issues that have everything to do with derailing the American public from the fact that we live in a police state, Orwellian Oligarchy. The KIDS on this show need to be humbled with poverty and oppression. Maybe then, Maybe! They will use the college educations for what they were intended for. To help others. UNSUBSCRIBED

Michael Davidson says:

I wouldn't touch that with a 10-ft pole! Yuck!

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