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Sunil Verma says:

Thoughest eliment in the planet more then diamond love you women

Gustavo Braz says:

The Belly Dancer!!! Oh my god!!!

Luiz Sebastiao says:

Deliciaaaaaaaaaa. …

Kupa Cronk says:

Woman dont suit muscles,not very feminine.Toned is ok.

mubarak alshamsi says:

Some of them looks shit not fit at all like over

Stevan Bardot says:

What’s the name of the song in the beginning.

jak burton4 says:


Carlos Ricardo says:

How much do they bench though?

Bill Baylis says:

I'd say I'd suck a fart out their ass but I don't want a chipped tooth.

Juan Pinon says:

What the fuck was that bullshit

Philip Ozuna says:

Damn those girls have strength and endurance to do that.

Pat O'Malley says:

Excellent skills….

Лёва says:

Столько кисок сладких на свете!!!!!

Cyprus Kill says:

A woman that looks like that, is no longer a woman… Gross.

Alister King says:

Hats off to ya ladies that’s a powerful display of athleticism

Silina Agougou says:

حنا لعربية تدير غير هاك .الجري للسبيتار فراجيل

Lord Gargamel says:

I cant have a bitch with arms like that touching me. Hoe might throw me down the stairs.

white Clouds says:

The best beauty is the inner beauty

John Autullo says:

The chick with the leg flexing marry me

Jess Connelly says:

Push ups on wooden rings. Respect😁😁😁😁

Kennetth says:

Nice video but your editing gives me a headache

Jeff Vance says:

Why so much disrespect. Respect the work and dedication.

MR WHITE says:

Ooooh, look at me I'm a girl and I can do a hand stand. Whoooooooooooo cares?
Probably can't even boil an egg!

Kevin Supanee says:

Song please..😊

John Pelham says:

Women are awesome. I PREFER MY WOMEN to be in good shape , but still soft& sexy is the way
I don't want to feel like I'm making love to a man. That dog don't hunt.

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