Alicia Marie Interview

Alicia Marie Interview


Matt Mcgrath says:

Shes awesome. She's an avid gamer and comic fan as well which makes her a thousand times cooler. check her fb out.

Jovan Davidovic says:

she'sĀ amazing and sexy

Andrew Flood says:

alicia marie such sweet lady !!!!!

trulyheaven777 says:

Those baseball players are still quite large, just not bodybuilder large. Randy Johnson didn't use, but Clemens probably did. Look at those physiques in comparison.

BIGPN35 says:

Respond to this video… Nice looking girl!

BIGPN35 says:

@TheMartyrsMilitia Not really, its all about how you train when take the steroids. In baseball, lots of pitchers juice but they are no big because they don't lift like a bodybuilder. She is a fitness model and she trains that way. I'm not saying she is on steroids, but there is always a possibility.

TheMartyrsMilitia says:

@kreed82 if she was on steroids she wouldnt be so slim. And not everyone woman has a soft voice and a round face. Some actually have strong bone structure and deeper voices, so watch what you say and have sole freaking respect for the female body.

kreed82 says:

is she on steroids or a tranny?

Faisal Bader says:

I want to see nipples.

newguy56 says:

Her voice gets deeper day by day omg

OMGScoots says:

@madmanmike2003 That comment made my day man.

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