Aleesha Young After Winning Overall Women’s Bodybuilding At The 2014 NPC USA Championships!



_______ _______ says:

Full natty..

Q Boy says:

She look like John Cena

Jeff Michelson says:

I think… that she has an adorable personality.

JoHannah Hawkins says:

congrats Aleesha!

peabody66 says:

There's one thing I've noticed about Aleesha Young. She's so big, yet her voice isn't deep. Most of the times when women get that big their voices tend to deepen and sound masculine. That's not the case with Aleesha.

synth on a plinth says:

Her voice has deepened from all of the testosterone.

alex smits says:

thats game-sharp!

Rolando aka Power Man G says:

damn she is sexy! I want Alessha!

Muhammed Iqbal says:

she realy worked hard to build such body. appreciate that

Carlos Spicyweiner says:

Isn't Alicia a girls name? That looks like Chad Thundercock

Jeff Michelson says:

I must say, she has an adorable personality.

ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn says:

she takes creatine?


Awesome lady!

Brett Richards says:

The arm break sounded horrible

ojideagu says:

Her Hairline is running for the hills

Great One says:

Bodybuilders have so much in common with transexuals…Many suffer with body image (dysphoria), take drugs and hormones, get impants, surgery etc to change their appearance. They wear demin short shorts and crop tops, the men shave their legs and get 'bitch tits' and the women get low voices (some of the men get high voices) etc. Lee Priest wears pink nail varnish, Rich Piana wears eyeliner etc etc.,,…So many things in common!

Sandip Gurung says:

I am sooooo ashamed of myself

joschi jogi says:

She looks awfully, she looks like a man.

gk10002000 says:

I thought NPC stood for Natural something.  Obviously not

J Mizzy says:

This woman is abusing massive amounts of steroids. So how is this any different than a meth or coke head? The difference being people applaud and admire her. As far as I'm concerned drug abuse is drug abuse and she needs MAJOR help.

Darrell Kramer says:

she had a baby! She has a womb and vagina. She's definitely a woman- massive beautiful beast of a woman.

Darrell Kramer says:

she's quite pretty!

Alesso says:

To those who say some men are jalouse lol.. They are literally male not a girls .. Fitness girls are sexy but these Godzillas wtf .. Drugindustry aka roids made like this and you say peopl how dont like this Godzillas are jalouse what a Load of shit im not even for a male Godzillas lol .. Patethic so lame fake muscles i dont want

John Fowler says:

Some folk are so pathetic,they see a woman like Aleesha and just call her a man,what are you jealous she has bigger arms than you,she is a very beautiful woman

EvGGuNNeR says:

those thighs…Wanna hump one 😉

Fred Gardner says:

S He looks nuts. surprised S He could have a kid. transgender look is not appealing. giant arms n shoulders. old time wrestler Ivan Putski was 5'3 n 190.

Vrgs123 says:

Those overdeveloped clit genetics

# Преступники на Диете says:

those arms…. OMG…. she is amazing…..

TheTeamster Local282NY says:

Natural and bodybuilding should NEVER be used in the same sentence.

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